Is the way you go from sitting to standing trashing your back?

Part two of my spine sparing series deals with something that most of us do for perhaps a large part of the day-- sitting. Check here for part one. Some say sitting is the new smoking but I wouldn’t go that far, as sitting is a very normal functional component of our daily lives, while [...]

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Supporting Your Immune System

I have recently been asked by many people for suggestions and advice regarding keeping immune function at maximum. Research has demonstrated that there are many things we have control over that modulate our immune function. Get plenty of sleep Sleep is very important, your immune system depends on adequate sleep to function at its best. [...]

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COVID-19 — What our patients need to know

Well, this sucks. The zombie apocalypse has begun and practically the whole world is invited. According to the research available while I'm writing this, around 80% who become infected with COVID-19, will experience only mild symptoms and fully recover without any special treatment. But not all will be so lucky. Some people, 15% of [...]

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What is “spine sparing” and how can it help reduce pain in everyday movement?

Simple everyday activities performed poorly can greatly sensitise the lower back to movement and dramatically reduce its capacity to perform the basic most of functions. Have you ever tried tying your shoes, getting out of bed or out of a car, putting on socks, or getting out of a chair with a sore back? [...]

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Welcome Dr Rory McKnight – Chiropractor

CCSCC is pleased to welcome Dr Rory McKnight to our practice. Dr Rory, who has 20 years of experience, will boost our team at Wyong, allowing us to be open 5 full days to accommodate the large number of patients to be cared for in the Wyong and Northern Central Coast region. [...]

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Graston Technique

Graston Technique® Graston Technique® enables the treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions such as, scar tissue and fascial restrictions. It comes under a relatively new form of therapy called Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM).  The tools are made from stainless steel and comes in all forms of shapes, sizes, angles and edges. As the practitioner glides [...]

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How to breathe better with Dr Lotte Hansen

Dr Lotte Hansen advises her patients that if breathing is not normalised, then no other movement pattern can be normalised. Breathing is actually the foundation of our core stabilisation. In this video, Dr Lotte Hansen demonstrates a basic exercise to improve and normalise your breathing patterns.

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